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Nipper Board Raffled Off to Support Mercer Family

Through the JM board factory on the Gold Coast, a Nipper board was donated through Kurrawa Surf Club to be raffled off with all proceeds going to the Mercer family after the sudden passing of Dean Mercer late last year.

"The raffle was organised through the Nippers with the support of Kurrawa Surf Club," said Shayne Bikneris, Junior Surf Sports Officer. "In total $3,141was raised to go to the Mercer family."

Dean Mercer, former Kurrawa Surf Sports Officer, sadly passed away in August last year after going into cardiac arrest behind the wheel of his car.

"The lucky winner was Andrew Boyle from Kurrawa Nippers," continued Shayne. "At present, he is waiting for an old board to be repaired to use for his kids. They are incredibly excited as they now have a wonderful Superman board to use instead.

"We would like to thank all the people who purchased tickets to support the Mercer family, as well as JM Boards."

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