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Kurrawa Surf Life Saver Performs CPR at Club

Kurrawa SLSC member Robert Fischer had commenced his evening shift working behind the bar at the Club when a normal evening took a dramatic turn.

It was a busy evening with customers in the Club for dinner, and as such things happen when you least want them to, one of the cold room motors had stopped working at 8:30pm. The duty manager went to investigate. Moments later, an elderly gentleman (approximately 70 years of age) who was dining with his family suddenly collapsed.

One of the wait staff quickly attended to the man, and upon realising he was having difficulty breathing, called for assistance.

One of the staff members, recognising that Rob Fischer was a competent lifesaver, quickly brought Rob to the scene to assess the situation. Realising the patient was deteriorating rapidly, an ambulance was called.

During Rob's assessment he deemed that the patient was showing no signs of life and not breathing. With confirmation from QAS, Rob commenced CPR on the patient. After 80-100 compressions, the patient started to respond.

The patient was then placed in the recovery position with staff reassuring both the patient and family members until the ambulance arrived to take over. The patient was transported to hospital where he remained under observation until the following day.

Rob Fischer's quick actions and delivery of CPR certainly prevented a tragic end to a family's night out. Although there is a defibrillator kept in the duty manager's office, the fact that the duty manager was elsewhere at the time attending to another issue has prompted the Club to source an easily accessible wall mounted defibrillator to all staff.

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