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The Wrap Up: Aussies 2018

By Scott Wheeler | Surf Sports Officer

What a week, and for some much longer......

The 2018 Australian Surf Life Saving Championships was the culmination of a successful year for our Kurrawa athletes with an overall result of third in the Open Championships.

We were lucky enough to see Australian champions in both the Open and Masters events; the field was a cracking one but Kurrawa can still call home to these Australian Champions:


U19 Female Surf Board Rescue Team

Brielle Cooper

Lani Cooper

Bay Wildin-Snedden

U19 Female Surf Board Relay Team

Brielle Cooper

Bay Wildin-Snedden

U17 Female Surf Belt

Charlotte-Rose Connor

Open Female Beach Relay

Casie Fyall

Nicole Kay

Bree Masters

Taylor Stickler

U19 Female Beach Relay

Lily Peck

Taylor Stickler

Stephanie Welsh

Ivy Wootton-McDonald


35-39 Male Double Ski

Nicholas Crilly

Ben Rayward

70 Years and Over Female Surf Rescue

Elizabeth Crilly

170 Years Female Surf Team

Elizabeth Crilly

Pauline Jeffery

Cathryn Rayward

70 Years and Over Female Rescue Tube

Elizabeth Crilly

70 Years and Over Female Board Rescue

Elizabeth Crilly

Christina Nicholls

50-54 Female Surf Board

Amanda Hanmer

70 Years and Over Female Board Race

Christina Nicholls

70 Years and Over Female Beach Flags

Christina Nicholls

35-39 Female 2km Beach Run

Cathryn Rayward

70 Years and Over Female 2km Ocean Swim

Elizabeth Crilly

Congratulations to our Australian Champions!

Having been lucky enough to attend this year a couple of my highlights were:


To hear the excitement in the girl's voices when interviewed at the end of the race was a real tear jerker!


The other highlight was the sportsmanship on display by many of our athletes. One in particular was Bree Masters. The way Bree held herself in her flags final on the Saturday was outstanding, she showed what a true sportswoman is. As a role model for our younger members, Bree did an amazing job!

There was a lot of work that went on behind the scenes to get us across the Nullabor.

Our coaches, team managers, officials, water safety, office staff, parents and everybody who has helped through out the year - THANK YOU, for not only your time but your input into making Kurrawa so great.

There are 2 special mentions - Ken & Brent Coulston. What didn't they do? They drove all the gear over and back (with great help from Nolans Interstate Transport and BP), then whilst in Perth drove buses all day, everyday. Thanks boys.

A huge logistical challenge.

Thank you to everyone that helped in any way to make the 2018 Aussies the success it was. Third overall in the Opens was the result of a year of hard work! Enjoy your rest and see you at the Club soon.

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