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There is no such thing as "off Duty" for a Life Saver.

Sunday afternoon, Kurrawa Lifesaving Coordinator, Rob Pollock, was volunteering on patrol and came up to the Surf Club to get some items for his patrol.


As he reached the top of the sand dune in front of the club he noticed some patrons on the second level yelling to get his attention.


Rob then observed two females sitting on the grass next to the footpath near the Captains room.


Rachel Eddy (Tower 28 Cafe, Barista) and Kimberly (Kurrawa Surf Club, Receptionist) were attending and it appeared one of the ladies had suffered a fall.


Kimberly went to get some ice for a cut and bruised lip while Rachel and Rob assessed the patient (61 year old Karen).


Karen advised she had been sitting in the Tower 28 Café with her niece and felt dizzy when she stood up. She did not remember much more about what had happened however she did respond well to simple questions.


It was apparent some mild concussion may have occurred.


QAS was notified through Surfcom and the patient was moved into the first aid room for monitoring.


Rachel continually comforted and reassured the patient applying ice to the patients mouth to prevent bleeding and swelling.


Former Kurrawa member turned cycling paramedic, Shane McEvoy, arrived with his colleague (a Northcliffe member) and took over the incident providing expert and professional (with a hint of lifesaving background) service.


An ambulance arrived a short time later and with arrangements made to relocate the patients motor vehicle to avoid a council parking fine, Karen was on her way to Robina hospital.


As always, it is great to receive positive and feel good feedback from those we serve within the community.

First Aid knowledge is extremely valuable for both you the individual and our community as it enables you to assist persons who become injured in the event of an accident or emergency situation until help arrives, as Rob & Rachel demonstrated last Sunday.


Hi there everyone at Kurrawa

Please pass on my sincere thanks to Rachel and Rob who are both first aid officers and assisted me promptly, professionally and kindly after my fall at 2pm last Sunday 28 October. Thanks to you both. Your diagnosis was spot on, it was a serious fall. Syncope, not just postural hypotension. Plus concussion. I have had a fun two days in CCU at Greenslopes in Brisbane and am now home with a loop recorder implant. Very impressed. Thank you for giving up your spare time to do something so generous and helpful to the community. Karen K.

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